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Modular seats

Cubo Sofa

Relax and style in the living room with sectional sofa CUBO, an impeccable upholster furniture line that comes in square shapes but with loose design, evoking pleasant atmosphere to share in comfort. One of CUBE’s features is the possibility of a wide range of compositions suitable for all environments.

    from  164 160 CZK Price is with a VAT
    Length1 500 mm
    Width3 400 mm
    Height700 mm
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    About Meta Design brand

    Each product Meta Design is entirely made in Italy.
    This commitment to local production, from the structure to the last seam, helps to ensure and to maintain the centuries-old tradition of Craft of upholstered furniture that is the basis of our Italian style that characterizes every creation of Meta Design. The label in our products certifies the real “Made in Italy”, with the quality that this distinction guarantees.

    Art and craftsmanship are two concepts that we “sew” together.
    Because our craftsmanship is an art. Three decades of experience, three decades of passion and experience, raises our hand-crafted production in an artistic dimension. The art of working each single piece, giving it a quality that comes from far away, to last in time.

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    Prata di Pordenone, Italy

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